Project Unfacebook 'done'

21 Jun 2017

I just deactivated my Facebook account, because of some annoying people sending me voice messages via the Messenger I don’t wanted. Facebook was initially meant just for my mother to contact me (instead of WhatsApp, which I deleted shortly, because no one cared) and some autism-selfcare-groups. Yes, I just deactivated it, if I want to check back later again. Not everyone is on Mastodon sadly (only some of my friends), but I managed to get the most on it, which are somehow honestly interested now. I never used Instagram really and that’s it. Facebook is still having my data, but I can’t fully delete it. Even if I would delete everything, it’s still on the net.

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Why was muted

19 Jun 2017


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14 Jun 2017

Alot of rant was going on on Mastodon because of Patreons’ new update. I didn’t see the website yet, because of my shitty internet connection, but I hate Patreon a little too. Just for paying out the donations (I guess Patreon will save a little for theirselves) I need to put in my card information, run to the bank to get a confirmation code and enter it there, just to get my money. I did it once with Paypal, but I see, that Paypal is more neccessary for me, because alot of people have a Paypal account. On the start of the month of June 2017 I created with the help of Hugo, who hosts alot of servers, my own Mastodon instance, where I’m admin at. Starting with my Paypal account I collect donations for buying new hard- and software and paying my monthly server fees. This is alot of money and just the instance costs me 5€ (which are around six dollars). All other servers are mostly free like the update server of Yggdrasil, which is hosted on Keybase and parts on Lima City. Those “hosters” are free. All other money, which is above 5€ per month will be saved for hardware and software. Patreon didn’t give me the opportunity I needed to get paid for what I do every day. Having warm food, a home and a apprenticeship is all thanks to my parents. Those things are for me free as well and I’ll get the rest of the money every month (which is something like 135€). I pay my internet bill and my mobile prepaid credit every month at my own. The money for the internet bill is 30€ and if the monthly donation goal exceeds 35€ I’ll pay my instance and my internet bill and so forth. I can’t no longer support Patreon, because they made a step in the wrong direction starting of today. Thank you guys for all the support and we’ll see us soon.

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I make stuff. Yeah. That's pretty much everything I do. I have GitHub and Mastodon. Maybe you wanna motivate me with dropping some pennies in my PayPal account. You can mail me too with PGP. Would be nice.